Frequently Asked Questions


How will my traffic be routed?

All client traffic, with the exception of traffic destined for directly connected networks, will the tunneled through the VPN appliance and through the University of Connecticut network.


What IP address will the VPN clients receive?

Devices utilizing the full VPN client configuration will be assigned an IP address in the following network range: ( through

Devices utilizing the Web VPN proxy functionality will share the IP address.


What would be the impact of a system failover?

The system is configured as an Active/Passive cluster and two geographically distributed data centers. In case of a failure in one of the data centers, the following failover behavior can be expected.

Any statefull service that a client is accessing through the VPN, except the Web VPN feature, will be disconnected during an active / passive cluster failover. This includes (but not limited to) telnet, RDP and Junos client.

Stateless connections, such as web browsing, will not be impacted.

The Juniper VPN does statefully pass the user login information between cluster members which will allow users to keep their active session with the active member of the system when using the Junos client on Windows and OS X platforms.


Why does the default gateway for my tunnel interface show as

The VPN Tunneling adapter, Junos Pulse, shows that the default gateway is blank or on Windows Operating Systems. This behavior does not affect the functionality of the VPN connection and is working as designed.

Once you install Pulse Secure your computer becomes multi-homed, meaning your machine has multiple interfaces. Since the VPN Tunneling client function is to serve as a remote access method, it is always assumed that machine’s NIC is configured on a disjointed network, or a network that is physically separate from your VPN network. Only one default gateway needs to be configured on any multi-homed computer. The default gateway is a global configuration setting and not a setting that must be set for each network adapter.